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Why live inland in Andalucía?

Moving to Spain – 5 reasons to make Andalucia your home 

Once you’ve made the life changing decision to move to Spain, the next big question is surely ‘where?!’ It’s a big country, with a diverse range of cities and landscapes. So, it can be difficult to know where to settle. How do you decide where to move in Spain?

Many newcomers head for the well-known places, such as Murcia and Alicante. They’re attracted by the familiarity of previous holidays and established ex-pat communities. However, there’s a cost- effective alternative to these popular areas. Andalucía, the most southern area of Spain, offers a diverse and affordable lifestyle which is beginning to gain recognition – for many good reasons. You cannot avoid noticing the “Family spirit” and sense of community in Andalucia, especially within the inland towns.

And if you decide to live outside of the main coastal areas, then you’re definitely ahead of the game. Because inland living in Andalucía offers everything – at a fraction of the cost of other popular locations. 

Here are our 6 key reasons to consider a move to inland Andalucía:

  1. Connections – flights and trains – Andalucía has fantastic, fast connections to other areas of Spain, including all major cities. Thanks to the wonderful ‘Ave’ train system, you can be pretty much anywhere in Spain within 2 hour. But that’s not all, because Andalucía is also the most well-connected region with flights. There are more flights to the UK from Malaga than from any other Spanish airport, however you also could flight from Seville and Granada
  2. Community – many of the smaller inland towns are welcoming and inclusive, with a real sense of local community. They are filled with a calendar of festivals and events, which is great for newcomers of all ages. So, although you’re inland, you’re never isolated – there’s always something going on you can join in with.
  3. Culture – there’s a bit of everything in Andalucía. here you can experience history, not only in the castles, churches and fortresses, but also in the strong Arabic roots of the mosaic tiles, the water-system gardens and the way many houses are built around a patio. The region offers a full ski season, which many people don’t realise.
  4. Cost – living inland in Andalucía means living well. The rental cost of a family sized 3- bedroom apartment can be as little as 450 Euros per month and the average price for a 3 bedroom house is around 78.000 Euros. It can be more than double this in other major cities. Why pay more for the popular areas when Inland Andalucia is just as well connected?
  5. High Speed Internet – All of the inland towns have already installed Fibre – Optics with incredible download and upload speeds so that businesses can operate effectively from home
  6. Convenience – we believe that if you put the above ingredients together, you’ll come up with the most convenient location in Spain. Andalucía has it all; fast travel connections, interesting culture, year-round sports, welcoming communities and a low cost of living. It is literally the best spot in the country! 

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