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We were failing…

Hola! My name is Graham Govier, and I’m the founder of Inland Andalucía. 
May I extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for taking the time to find out more about us and the opportunities we offer. 

I’d been in the real estate and construction industry for many years before establishing Inland Andalucía nearly 20 years ago. We’re currently the largest inland real estate company in Andalucía and do business across this vast area of Southern Spain. 

Our ethos is a little bit different to most Spanish real estate companies – an industry which is barely regulated and open to abuse. We live by our motto ‘You’re in Safe Hands’; we do things properly and give 100% to our clients and vendors. Because of this, we’ve already seen strong growth and success – our profit in 2017 stood at around 450,000 Euros.  Subsequent years continue to produce good benefit. Yet as a seasoned businessman, I announced to my team that we were failing. Failing?

They looked shocked, but I had reason to believe it was true. Why? Because with six offices, managing over 1.200 properties, we had become a victim of our own success. Our clients and vendors were suffering – I believed as they weren’t getting the level of service that I knew sets us apart from the crowd. We’d simply got too big, and something had to change. 

I’ve always looked for solutions, and this time was no exception. After considering various options, I realised that franchising was the best way forwards for all parties, if I was prepared to ‘share the wealth’. Why not reduce the territories, and give other people the opportunity to run a more manageable business? That way, our clients and vendors would once again get the gold star service they so rightly deserved, and the company could grow even further. So that’s what I initiated in 2018 and began to share opportunity and wealth. After compliance and territory analysis, our franchisees are getting established and doing well. Our clients are once again receiving full attention, which we know will result in more sales. But we’d like to continue to share it. We know we’ve got further to go. We’re looking for passionate and committed individuals who know how to do business properly. People who understand that by working together and sharing resources, our success knows no bounds. 

New franchisees are needed, and we have a target to open 7 new offices in the coming year. However, we want the right people, with the right attitude and desire to succeed. We’ve made our recruitment process stringent – it can take around 3-6 months to come onboard – because we only want the very best. 

What you’ll get in return is amazing. Not only a complete change of lifestyle, but full support for your new business. We treat all our franchisees like family, and we’re there at every stage of the process. You’ll have access to our training program, back office systems, legal knowledge, and our extensive brand marketing.

I took a chance when I decided to franchise my business and seek out franchise partners. It was a risk, but the restructure has only made us stronger. If you measure a business only by profit, with no consequence, you’ll never succeed in the long run. But if you read our testimonials, then you’ll know just how successful we’ve been and will continue to be. Taking a risk is never easy, but you can change your life and lifestyle. I did it, and now I support others doing the same. 

My team believes in growing our business in partnership with others, and I invite you to talk to us about becoming a franchisee partner. The Spanish real estate market is healthy and growing, and we know the right people are out there, waiting for our opportunity. 

Franchise is the way forwards; and we know that you’ll agree. 
I look forward to speaking to you soon – Buena suerte! 

Graham Govier 

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