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Spanish real estate franchise: A recipe for success

Once you’ve made the decision that a Spanish franchise business is the best option for you, your next step will be deciding which industry to focus on. With many available business opportunities in Spain, it can feel overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of franchises (currently over 900!)  to choose from – so how do you decide? 

Your interests and passions are certainly important.  However, the one thing all franchisees have in common is that they want to grow a successful business. So, it’s also important to choose an industry which is reliable and strong. The two biggest industries in Spain are hospitality and real estate. Together, they dominate Spain’s economy. 

Many people moving to Spain focus on the hospitality industry. When they think about starting a business in Spain, they immediately imagine opening a restaurant, bar or B&B. 

It’s true that hospitality is a growing industry – but so is real estate. Property franchise is a great area to move into (pardon the pun!). It may well be the best kept secret of the Spanish franchise sector. Here, we look at why it works – and works better than hospitality. 

Why does real estate work?

Working in hospitality can seem like a wonderful opportunity, but it can soon take over your new life and dreams of a better work/life balance. The hospitality industry often means:

  • Long hours – often 60+ a week
  • Employing and managing other staff – with all the responsibility that comes with this
  • Being on call 24/7
  • Dealing with difficult issues – tourism brings alcohol, and alcohol can bring trouble
  • Stress and lack of holidays
  • Unsociable hours – early starts, and late nights
  • Exhaustion – with few chance of holidays, and difficult hours, people soon get tired.

Many new hospitality businesses in Spain fail because the owners simply didn’t understand how stressful it would become. In comparison, a real estate business offers a more manageable business structure including:

  • A friendly, relaxed industry – real estate agents are respected and liked in Spain
  • Normal office hours – family- friendly lifestyle can easily be achieved
  • Managing your own office – often no need to employ others
  • Flexible working – even if you must show properties at the weekends, it’s usually just for a few hours which suit you.
  • Community – real estate agents are a valued part of the local community

Running a business in Spain should be an enjoyable part of your new life, and not a cause for more stress. And a real estate franchise could be your ticket to success!  

How does it work?

In our next blog, we explore how an Inland Andalucía franchise works – and how we support our franchisees to quickly build a successful business in Spain. 

To find out more about property franchise opportunities with Inland Andalucía, please contact us on +34 952 74 15 25 or via our contact form.

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