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Franchise in a successful company is a positive choice!

Alejandro is our Alcala la Real partner, having made the decision to join the company after working alongside with us for many years. Here, he gives us his thoughts on why becoming a franchisee is a great opportunity – not only for native English speakers, but for those returning home to Spain. 

I took over the Alcala la Real office in October 2019, after working alongside Inland Andalucía for many years. Previously a lawyer, I had grown to know the company well whilst dealing with them on behalf of my clients who were purchasing properties. I liked the way they worked and when an opportunity arose within the company, I decided to pursue it. 

Although I have not had any previous real estate experience, I understood the industry from another angle, and I knew how the business worked. I greatly respected the founder Graham Govier and liked how they operated; they are extremely efficient and organised. 

I am a native Spanish speaker but am very comfortable speaking English- it’s my second language. I think this combination of skills is useful for the business. This is a great opportunity for Spanish returners or those who have a good command of English. Starting a business in Spain isn’t easy, but a franchise in a successful company is a positive choice. 

I’ve seen the company become bigger and bigger with each passing year, and it’s a great time to join in their success. I think their achievements partly come from the respectful and efficient relationship between management and employees – everything works well, and any issues are easily resolved. Employees are looked after, which means they can concentrate on business development. The team operates more like a family. 

I’m very excited about my new venture; growing my business each day, building upon my industry experience, and depending upon myself and my good team to make a success of it. I have made money throughout 2020 whilst COVID-19 destroys businesses. My success continues in 2021 and I am now buying another Franchise with Inland Andalucia to expand my operations to Granada North West.

Luis Moreno

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