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New normal – new costs

Although we will continue to offer the same 5 year contract, our new franchisees will only pay 7,000 Euros start-up costs, and will have the option of leaving after 1 year if, for them the business is not proving viable.

New franchisees will review their business with the Franchisor after 9 months, and either choose to proceed to the additional 4 years, or give notice to terminate the relationship. This gives both parties a 3 month window to find a replacement Franchisee for the business. If a replacement is not sourced, Inland Andalucia will take over the territory and office, refunding the equipment cost.

The Franchisee therefore has the right to leave the franchise at the end of the 1st year, with only 7,000 Euros investment. The joint decision on territory and office location would remain positive, but for whatever reason, the Franchisee has a realisation that the business commitment is not for them. That is how the Inland Andalucia partnership works with both parties fully committed to serving Buyers and Vendors for benefit.

With the Franchisee new Spanish business being established in the 1st year, the remaining 7,000 Euros will be due, to complete the contract extension for the full 5 year duration.

The positives

These changes give the new Franchisee not only easier start-up costs, but the reassurance that in these challenging times, there is more flexibility around their new business. Inland Andalucia are there to guide and advise and we trust that by providing a review period at the 9 month mark, will provide the Franchisee with valuable guidance on their future success, or an exit plan.

Inland Andalucia is a forward thinking and responsive company, who continue to adapt to market changes and put our franchisees at the forefront of what we do. 

It is not just our clients who are in safe hands- as a Franchisee, you also have the guarantee from us.

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