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Inland Andalucia has traditionally expanded by selecting franchisees and opening up new offices in designated territories across inland Andalucia. Franchisees are matched to their adopted territory, and with our support, open a physical office from which to operate.

This business model has underpinned our success since 2001, but like many industries, we’ve had to adjust to account for this year. As we’ve responded to the challenges that 2020 has delivered, we’ve created an improved system that allows for growth but with lower risk. We’ve on-boarded ‘virtual offices’ across the region and in this blog we explain what they are and how they work. 

What is a virtual office?

Being at the forefront of Spanish real estate innovation, Inland Andalucia has developed virtual offices that are already proving very successful. 

Put simply, instead of waiting for a new Franchisee to relocate to Spain and open a physical office, we are now placing selected ‘property specialists’ into designated territories and from there they build their property portfolio, local knowledge and Vendor relationship. Without the restrictions of a “physical” office, each fully trained property specialist undertakes operations just like a Franchisee. They are responsible for meeting local vendors and generating business activity within their territory, but without the constraints of a physical office. 

Chosen for their local knowledge and expertise, our property specialists have access to exactly the same systems and support as Franchisees and are still part of our tight knit team. 

How does it work?

It might seem odd not having a ‘real’ office for our staff and Vendors to visit, but we’ve found that because our virtual offices are using the same systems and support and have the backing of the whole company, they can operate very effectively. 

One of the reasons is that they are fully connected to our website and social media platforms. Each virtual office has its own ‘sub-page’ on the main Inland Andalucia Facebook page. This page is directly linked to the sales specialist in that area. In effect, the sub-page becomes the ‘shop front’ of the virtual office. 

The virtual office method also means that as a territory gets established, there is scope to open a ‘real’ office with a Franchisee. In this instance, the sales specialist will move aside and make way for a new Franchisee, leaving behind their legacy of success in the territory. There is also the opportunity for the Franchisee to adopt the sales specialist as a direct employee. The Franchisee can open a physical office, safe in the knowledge that it has the opportunity to function well within the inland network. 

This is our safe way of extending and expanding our business partnership and we’ve recently taken on four property specialists who are already proving that this model works. With our virtual offices, Inland Andalucia are continuing to grow and respond to an ever changing world and market. 

Whilst the sun continues to shine almost throughout the year, property prices inland are so affordable and that Spanish Lifestyle is available to our Buyers, we are confident that, with our knowledge, business systems and reputation of excellent service, our future in real estate is looking healthy.

Inland Andalucia is always looking for ways to improve our services to our clients.

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