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Growing up in Andalucia

In the second part of our ‘Growing up in Andalucía’ series, we talk to Robyn Peacock, who moved to Spain when she was just 9 years old. She tells us what it was like to move to a new village and school, when she didn’t speak a word of Spanish…

I had just turned nine years old when we moved to Spain almost 15 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday… When we moved to Spain it was a new adventure for all four of us. We came over not knowing a single word of Spanish between us!

I learnt Spanish at my school here in Aguadulce, a small town on the outsides of Seville. It wasn’t long after moving over that my brother and I were fluent – children pick things up very quickly. Since the day we moved over to Spain we have always lived in Andalucía. Before my parents bought the house we still live in now, we looked at many different houses. We wanted to be near the coast but more inland, so we knew Andalucía was the perfect place for us.  

At the beginning going to school was very different than in the UK. It felt so weird not understanding anyone around me, but I had a lot of help from the teachers and the kids. I didn’t think I could learn the language but because I was so young, I learnt it really quick. We have felt comfortable in our village since day one. Everyone just wants to help you and make you happy. My parents were very surprised at how nice everyone was.  

All my friends are Spanish including my boyfriend. In fact, his family are one of the main reasons that I feel so welcome here in Andalucía – they treat me as a daughter, and they are such a loving family. The advice I would give to any family looking to make the move is: just do it! You won’t regret it. I have now lived in Spain for 14 years and I would never go back. Spain still leaves me speechless – the views here are unique. Who wouldn’t want to wake up almost every morning to the sun shining and with lovely views of mountains and olive groves?

I love Andalucía and this is my forever home, and I happily live and work here. I have a great job as an insurer with Aim Brokers – we deal with houses, cars, life insurance etc. I enjoy helping people, so it’s the perfect job for me. I would 100% recommend moving to Spain – this is the opportunity you’ve always been waiting for. 

Don’t let it go because of being afraid; everyone here is always willing to help you.

Robyn Ellen Peacoke

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